Remindisk 1.00.0040

Prevent yourself leaving external devices connected


  • Works discreetly
  • Prevents you having to start your PC again


    Not bad

    It's really annoying when you switch off your PC and you've left something connected, or a CD in the drive, and have to switch it back on again.

    Remindisk prevents this situation by reminding you when you've left something connected before you switch off your PC whether it be a CD or an external drive. Once you've installed it, the program will autoscan for connected devices and then ask you which ones you want to be reminded about. The next time Remindisk is started, it is perfectly configured to remind you about which devices you need to be aware of checking before you shut down. It's slightly annoying that you have to shutdown and restart the computer once you've configured it but it's certainly a big help once it's setup. It's not exactly a sophisticated interface - it would have been nice to have had a few icons and graphics instead of generic descriptions of the devices but as far as functionality goes, it does it's job.

    A useful little utility that saves you wasted time re starting your PC when you've forgotten to disconnect something.

    Don't you ever get annoyed when you've just switched off your PC, only to realise that you've left a CD-ROM in the drive and you'll have to switch it back on to get it out?

    Remindisk is easy to set up, as you only have to select the drive to be reminded about - the rest is done automatically. Also, the next time Windows starts, Remindisk will be started for your convenience.

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    Remindisk 1.00.0040

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